Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
88 Youyi Road,Shuangwang Industrial Zone,
Wengyang Street

Closed on Sunday

About Us

About Us

Wenzhou Jitemai Robot Co., Ltd. is located in Yueqing, Wenzhou, and the scenic Yandang Mountain, high-end vending machines, automatic food machines, Shenglong vending machines and other products. The company has 110 employees and has nine offices in China. Among them, there are 10 senior mechanical engineers, 16 new development backbones and 52 major technicians. The company now has two production plants (one plant, two plants).

Widely applicable: high-speed rail, airports, schools, hospitals, stations, CBD, enterprises, office buildings, stadiums, convention centers, high-speed service areas.

Payment methods: banknotes, coins, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay flash payment, gold deputy IC card.

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